Kitty Dunn
Kitty Dunn recently served as the Campaign Manager of the 2016 Mia Love for Congress Campaign. In 2014 she was the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Love campaign. She has also served as Manager of Field Operations for the Hatch Election Committee. Kitty was the Utah Republican Party Vice Chair where she created and oversaw the Women’s Leadership Summit and Seminars. Before being elected as the Vice Chair, Kitty served as the Political Director for the Utah Republican Party. She is a political consultant who has advised campaigns ranging from local office to congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial races and is a Guest Lecturer at the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. Kitty has held various positions in the Box Elder County and Utah Republican Parties. She served as the Republican Women’s PAC Vice President for Leadership, President of the Utah Federation of Republican Women and on the Board of Directors of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). She planned and hosted the week-long NFRW National Convention held in Salt Lake City. She was appointed to the Utah Telehealth Commission by Governor Mike Leavitt and was selected to attend the National Women’s Leadership Summit in Washington DC. Kitty worked as the Community Liaison Officer for Ambassador Richard Holbrook at the American Embassy in Bonn, Germany where she screened and managed all programs for federal agencies and family members assigned to the Embassy.

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Marla Kennedy
Marla Kennedy has been working in Utah politics and public policy for almost 20 years. Highly sought after for her strategic and thoughtful approach to her work, she attributes her success to “good genes and hard work.” Marla has worked on several candidates and initiative campaigns, including races for Utah’s Governor, U.S. Congress, as well as dozens of local and statewide campaigns.

Marla’s been named as one of Utah Business magazine’s “Forty Under 40” and Salt Lake Magazine’s “10 Women Sure to Change Utah”, but her most prized recognition comes from the Deseret News for “Best Use of Limited Resources.” In the famed Best & Worst of Utah Politics column by Webb & Pignanelli, “…Campaign manager, Marla Kennedy, had a tough job. Her candidate had zero political experience, nominal name identification and raised less than $200,000 for a statewide race. Yet she managed an almost error-free effort — garnering 33 percent of the vote and winning Salt Lake County. The effort is especially noteworthy when compared to other high profile campaigns of the same year.”

Marla is the owner of Kennedy Consulting, Inc., a strategic communications firm in Salt Lake City, a proud University of Utah alum and has a secret second career in global events security. But if you want to find her, just look for the nearest baseball game…she’ll be there.

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Maryann Martindale
Maryann Martindale is a communications professional with over 20 years corporate marketing, communications, and public relations experience. After leaving the corporate sector she worked in various roles in nonprofit, including as the Executive Director of the political advocacy organization, Alliance for a Better Utah. Throughout the years, she has brought her extensive expertise to numerous Democratic political campaigns. She graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. in English.

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Holly Richardson
Holly Richardson is a wife, mother, small business owner and political activist. Holly is well-known as “Holly on the Hill”—a blogger and political author. She is a strong, outspoken advocate for women and loves to help them find their voice and live a bigger story. Holly’s favorite quote is from Margaret Thatcher: “I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.” She has been the Utah Women and Education Initiative Coordinator with UVU, a marketing and communications director for a state office, is a social media consultant, and a popular speaker and writer. Holly has served in many political capacities, including State Representative, campaign manager, consultant, communication director and more. She and her husband, Greg, are the parents of a large family that now includes 7 grandchildren. Between the politics and the large family, she has learned how to stay calm(ish) under intense pressure. Or maybe she’s just kidding herself. Either way, she’s a fan of pedicures and chocolate.

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Yándary Zavala
Yándary Zavala is the Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations for the Salt Lake City School District and is passionate about using social media, PR tools, and storytelling to create community and move people to action. She moved back to Utah in 2015 after five years in Washington, DC to take on the role of Communications Director for the Utah Democratic Party, a position she held for two years. She was previously Deputy Communications Director for Voto Latino, a non-partisan national nonprofit focused on using digital tools to bring Latino Millennials into the US political process.

Yándary was born in El Salvador and raised in Riverdale, Utah, where she got her first taste of political involvement on the town’s Youth City Council. She studied Political Science at the University of Utah (she’s a proud Hinckley Institute alum) and Political Management at The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. In her spare time, Yándary is exploring Salt Lake City’s food scene, taking advantage of Utah’s natural beauty, reading good political emails and saving them to an “Inspiration” folder in her gmail, and daydreaming about the day when she no longer has to plan her wedding (T-minus 11 days!). You can find her on Twitter at @yandary.

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